• Christ's Family In The City

    Matthew 12:50
  • Worship With Us

    English 9am | Khmer 11am | Spanish 4pm | ICM 7pm
  • Diverse Community

    Galatians 3:28
  • Joy in Growing Together

    Psalm 118:24

Welcome to Long Beach Friends Church!


RSS Expressions of Faith

  • Quaker Meetings in John Woolman’s Time
    While perusing John Woolman, American Quaker, a biography of John Woolman by Janet Whitney published in 1942 that Fred Newkirk asked me to order for him, I ran across a description of what Quaker meeting for worship was in those … Continue reading →
    Joe Ginder
  • Dallas Willard, on his impending death
    Gary Moon wrote in his recent biography of Dallas Willard, Becoming Dallas Willard, about J.P. Moreland’s visit after it became clear Willard would not live for much longer. “Are you afraid of dying?” Willard smiled as he responded, “No, J. … Continue reading →
    Joe Ginder


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