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    Matthew 12:50
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    English 9am | Khmer 11am | Spanish 4pm | ICM 7pm
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    Galatians 3:28
  • Joy in Growing Together

    Psalm 118:24

Welcome to Long Beach Friends Church!

Sunday, March 29: Watch our prerecorded service at any time!
9:30 AM Facebook lbfc group watch party with questions and discussion after. You can also join in the discussion on Zoom as an alternative to Facebook at 10 AM.


RSS Expressions of Faith

  • March 18, 2020 Worship Playlist
    Shirley A. has put together a playlist of worship music that our worship team has used or may use in the days ahead when we are able to resume in-person worship together. I am passing them on here so you … Continue reading →
    Joe Ginder
  • N.T. Wright amplifies James on “being true to oneself”
    “None of us starts off with a pure internal ‘kit’ of impulses, hopes and fears. If you are true to ‘yourself’, you will end up a complete mess. The challenge is to take the ‘self’ you find within, and to … Continue reading →
    Joe Ginder


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