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    Matthew 12:50
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    English 9am | Khmer 11am | Spanish 4pm | ICM 7pm
  • Diverse Community

    Galatians 3:28
  • Joy in Growing Together

    Psalm 118:24

Welcome to Long Beach Friends Church!


RSS Expressions of Faith

  • Design Patterns in the Bible
    Tim Mackie of The Bible Project explains design patterns in the Bible in two episodes of the Bible Project podcast. You can listen to them here (part 1) and here (part 2). The idea of design patterns is quite familiar to me as a software engineer. But the concept is widely useful and being […]
    Joe Ginder
  • Using a form of Lectio Divina for personal meditation
    This is a very brief “cheat sheet” on using lectio divina in times of personal solitude with God. Summary Be alone. Prepare your heart and mind. Then: Read – Out loud? Repeat. Reflect – Think it over. What stands out? Respond – Speak to God. Receive – Let go and listen. Jesus often withdrew to […]
    Joe Ginder


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