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    Matthew 12:50
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    English 9am | Khmer 11am | Spanish 4pm | ICM 7pm
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    Galatians 3:28
  • Joy in Growing Together

    Psalm 118:24

Welcome to Long Beach Friends Church!


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  • Revelation Study Resources
    These are the books specifically on the Revelation of Jesus Christ that I have been using lately. I always use Logos Bible software with general resources like interlinears and Greek lexicons and word study. But these are the books specifically on Revelation that I am using these days. Revelation for Everyone – N.T. Wright This is […]
    Joe Ginder
  • Sarah Williams talks on “Sex in the Post-Modern Story”
    “The problem of sexual confusion in our culture, which is huge, is not going to be solved by the reassertion of power.” Thus says the wise and learned Sarah Williams in these talks, which I cannot recommend highly enough. Williams is a first-rate scholar and does us a great service in explaining the world from […]
    Joe Ginder


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