New to LBFC?


Long Beach Friends Church is located on the corner of 9th Street and Atlantic Avenue in downtown Long Beach.


There is access to parking behind the church building from 9th Street. Our parking host Rick will assist you getting into and out of the parking lot. Additional parking is available at:
The Center for Surgical Treatment of Obesity
432 East 10th Street
Long Beach, CA 90813

Sunday Morning Schedule

9:00 AM English Worship Service (Sanctuary)
Children are dismissed during the message time.
9:00 AM Khmer Sunday School (Basement)
10:15 AM Fellowship Time (Basement)
During this time, we go downstairs for donuts, cereal, coffee or tea.
11:00 AM Khmer Worship Service (Sanctuary)
11:00 AM Children’s Junior Church (Upstairs Sunday School Room)
11:00 AM Youth Sunday School (Upstairs Youth Room)

How long are the services?

The English and Khmer Services last about an hour and fifteen minutes.

What do you do?

Typically, we begin with music worship and scripture reading. Then we have a time for offering and announcements followed by a message. Then the service usually closes with more worship through music and prayer.

Special Note: About once or twice a month (particularly for holidays), we like to come together as one family with all our language groups meeting at the same time for a combined morning service at 9:30am, so be sure to check our events page for special announcements.

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